Photon emission rate at a wavelength region of 4-20 microns

Photon emissivity tests of our products were conducted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), adopting both Japanese and Chinese industrial standards; the Japanese industrial standards are JIS R 1801:2002 and JLS R1802:2005 while the Chinese industrial standard is GB/T72872008. All samples were scanned for hazardous radiation before the photo emissivity test was conducted, and our products achieved a result of very high level of photon emissivity, ranging from 78% to 97% (Fig.4.1). For explanation of photon emissivity and FT-IR spectrometer please [click here].

Material Testing Temperature Avg. Photon Emissivity Download Reports
Water 35°C 97% PDF
Glass 40°C 97% PDF
Acrylic 40°C 90% PDF
LED 35°C 85% PDF
Cream 40°C 84% PDF
Polyamide Resin 40°C 85% PDF
Zinc Alloy (Lacquer Coating) 50°C 88% PDF
Fabric 40°C 82% PDF
Gel Pad 40°C 85% PDF
Product Sample Testing Temperature Avg. Photon Emissivity Download Report
Aquaenergy 40°C 96.61% PDF
EEFit Lite 40°C 85.61% PDF
Sweet Dream 40°C 77.97% PDF
E+ 40°C 80.95% PDF
Xchasis 40°C 88.91% PDF

Fig. 3.1 – Photon Emissivity Test Results

Diesel: Heat Content Test

A comparison of the heat content of diesel from a single sample was conducted by the international recognized certification agency, Bureau Veritas. Using EEFIT®, the heat content of diesel increased by 6.4% (Fig.3.2). The heat content was determined by the standard test method for heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels by bomb calorimeter, ASTMD240-14.

Heat Content(MJ/KG)
Normal Diesel 42MJ
Diesel induced by EEFIT® 45.53MJ
Percentage Increased 6.4% (MJ)

Fig.3.2 - Heat Content Test Results Comparison

Coal: Heat Content Test

A comparison of the heat content of coal from a single sample was done by SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Services Ltd. The EEFIT® process increased the heat content by 4.7% (Fig. 3.3). The standards used for the heat content test of coal are China Industrial Standards GB/T213-2008, GB/T211-2007, GB/T212-2008, GB/T214-2007, and GB/T476-2008. The average photon emissivity testing standards are JIS R 1801: 2002, JIS R 1802: 2005 and GB/T7287-2008.

Heat Content(Kcal/KG) Avg. Photon Emissivity
Normal Coal 5859Kcal
Induced Coal by EEFIT® 6136Kcal
Percentage Increased 4.7% (Kcal) 7.3% (Kcal)

Fig. 3.3:Heat Content Test Results Comparison

H-NMR Water Quality Test

Full Width Half Height Gaussin Distribution

Natural Mineral Water
(Without EEFIT®)

(With EEFIT®)

O17 NMR Water Molecule Hz Test

Natural Mineral Water
(Without EEFIT®)

(With EEFIT®)

170-NMR Test

The 170-NMR test shows that the quality of tap water was dramatically improved by immersing a device emitting  EEFIT®. The original reading of tap water was 183Hz, which then shifted to 122Hz instantaneously (Fig.3.4)

Fig. 3.4 – Shows water has been improved after the treatment