OEM and ODM Services Offered by Our Company

Making use of our company’s revolutionary quantum induction technology, we can meet your business needs for high-quality products. We offer irreplaceable solutions that help create added values for your business. We can also enable your company to reduce the production costs and minimize carbon emissions. In addition to the experience in research & development of our core technology, we also have outstanding and reliable strategic partners to support us in different stages of production, from product design to product manufacturing. Our company will help you turn the most creative ideas into reality.

Methods of Energy Induction into Products

Case 1: Through inducing energy directly into products or raw materials, a permanent “entanglement quantum field” will be produced; thereby enhancing their efficiency and improving their quality.

Case 2: Making use of our “E Quantum Wafer”, we can ascertain the benefits of turning a small input into a big output. Through producing an “entanglement quantum field” in large scale equipment, our “E Quantum Wafer” will enhance the efficiency of that equipment while reducing its fuel consumption.

Our Unique Branding

EEFit Lite

Our company has outstanding product designers and high quality manufacturers as backup; and these strategic partners help us turn our unique creative ideas into exquisite hardware. Then, energy will be induced into these products using our technology EEFIT® to effectively enhance their quality and performance. Our signature products such as “EEFit Lite” possess special features which are innovative, efficient, lightweight and convenient to use. This is also an illustration of our manufacturing process, giving birth to the most innovative green/health products of the 21st Century.

The VITALIZED WATER you require

Aquaenergy is produced using the natural spring water from New Zealand. Making use of our unique technology EEFIT®, energy can be induced into the spring water without involving the procedure of opening the bottle caps,; thereby ensuring 100% compliance to the safety and national health standards required by the place of origin. Inducing energy into the bottled water can activate the water molecules and various mineral elements it contains, ensuring all trace elements to be active, efficient, accurate and safe. Our unique technology enables our company to proudly present to you Aquaenergy, the world’s finest natural spring water that is savory and beneficial to human health.

E+ Energy Plug

Making use of our technology EEFIT® to induce energy into an ordinary USB car charger plug, we can turn it into a high-tech device that is capable of enhancing the performance of vehicles. This revolutionary quantum induction technology developed by our company will enable E+ Energy Plug to have unparalleled advantages over all other similar products in the industry.