EEFIT®, which stands for Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology, is a propriety device and procedure invented and developed by our company. It is suitable to be applied to any product or material. Apart from being able to induce molecule vibration which generates a quantum field, EEFIT® also allows quantum effects that are permanently retained in target objects. Such molecule vibration, attributed by natural reactions, can ultimately achieve the goal of improving efficiency. According to the testing result of Hong Kong Productivity Council, the visible spectrum of the quantum field induced by EEFIT® emitted a wavelength FIR of 4 – 20 μm microns.

E – the 1st letter – stands for Efficiency
Anything that operates itself, for example; a human’s physical activity, the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, vehicle horsepower, the processing speed of a computer, and even a knife’s sharpness will not go beyond it’s own efficiency level without manipulation.

E – the 2nd letter – stands for Enhancement
The efficiency of a self-operating object always has room for improvement. For example, after training for a while, our power, speed and endurance can be enhanced when we run. Similarly, an upgraded motor can make a car run faster and use less gasoline. A better compressor can make an air conditioner consume less electricity. And more advanced chips allow a computer to run faster.

F – The 3rd letter – stands for Field
In general, it can be interpreted as an environment or a condition. “Field”, in here refers to a physics term. Objects under different conditions will reach different levels of efficiency.

I – The 4th letter – stands for Induction
Induction has a special feature that is a force can be induced regardless of the distance between two objects. Magical as it sounds, this remote force is applied extensively in our daily life, like parking passes, train tickets, a range of different remote controls, etc. These objects are equipped with induction devices to receive and transmit signals. The induction in mobile phones has the largest distance: through a microwave network, messages are instantly transmitted to recipients. This proves that induction is in fact an applied property of objects.

T -the 5th letter- stands for Technology
EEFIT® is technology that can induce photons and generate a quantum field. It consists of a device and software program. With the application of EEFIT®, the quantum effects (non-signaling) will be induced into a product and perpetually retained inside. When molecules absorb infrared light, they will vibrate and produce energy. Therefore, after EEFIT®‘s induction, the molecule clusters in the object will be affected by the newly generated quantum field. These clusters will have the following three reactions:

  • The bigger molecule clusters will break into smaller clusters
  • While the molecule clusters originally moved around randomly, they will now be arranged in order (just like if a compass is affected by a magnetic force, it will only point in one direction)
  • The molecule clusters are energized. They vibrate and rotate more.

Due to the above changes, the chemical property of the object is enhanced, and therefore, its efficiency can be improved.

In 2016 EEFIT®‘s was granted a patent in numerous countries, including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Currently, a patent application is being processed in the USA (application No:15061476) and EU (application No:16158526.0) as well.

This technology can be applied to an exceptionally large area of focus, from organisms, plants, fossil fuels, petrochemical fuels, metals, alloy materials, fibrous materials, textile fabrics, glass, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, water, chips, electronic components to explosives and so on. The commercial value of EEFIT®‘s is undoubtedly irreplaceable.

EEFIT®‘s can develop a system to measure induction, just like Faraday, who utilised a quantum mechanism induced remotely and established a specific unit to measure electricity output. Furthermore, EEFIT®‘s is able to produce a permanent “quantum entanglement field” for every object, as a result, they will improve their performance. EEFIT®‘s demonstrates to the whole world that it has tremendous potential to be an extensively applied and popular resource.