Principle of physical carrier

At a temperature of -273˚C or above, all molecules produce a constant vibration and show a certain electromagnetic emission rate (i.e., photons) (Figure 1.1). As an entangled state is produced on a given set of molecules using EEFIT® (Fig. 1.2), a strong vibration wave showing EEFIT® quantum field characteristics is emitted by the said molecules, resulting in an increase in the intensity of photons emitted. (Fig. 1.3)

Fig. 1.1:the vibration of original molecules is lower before induction

Fig. 1.2:molecules receives protons induced by EEFIT®

Fig. 1.3:after induction by EEFIT®, a strong vibration wave is emitted by the said molecules

Energizing Molecules(E=Ev+Er)

All our products induced by EEFIT® contain a set of specific photons in “quantum entanglement field” – also known as carrier photons. Scientific tests have confirmed that the emission rates of all carrier photons induced by EEFIT® reach the international standards. Its main function is to enhance the intensity level of the molecular vibration (E-v) and molecular rotation (E-r). That is,

Energize Ordinary Molecules

Large molecule clusters (Fig.2.1) are broken up by EEFIT® into smaller clusters (Fig. 2.3) and vibrate in a more coordinated manner. As a result the surface area of molecules will increase and the efficiency of bio-chemical interactions will be enhanced.

Fig.2.1: Large Molecules Clusters

Fig.2.2: EEFIT® Increases Molecules Vibration

Fig.2.3: Smaller Molecules Clusters

Energize Water Molecules

The effect of EEFIT® on water is one of the highest. It is because the natural vibration of water molecules is between 8-14um. In fact, the reason water is blue is due to its strong absorptive properties of the spectral regions (Fig. 2.4, Fig.2.5, Fig.2.6). Other hydrocarbon molecules can also be induced by EEFIT® and have been proved to result in various enhanced material properties.

Fig.2.4:Large Water Molecules Clusters

Fig.2.5: EEFIT® Increases Water Molecules Vibration

Fig.2.6: Smaller Water Molecules Clusters

Align Vibration of Outer Electrons

Electrons of an atom exist in orbits around the nucleus of an atom. These outer electrons of atoms determine the properties of the respective materials. All chemical reactions and physical properties we experience are determined by the behavior of outer electrons. EEFIT® not only enables the vibration of outer electrons to increase, but also aligns their vibration. This vibration alignment effect occurs in all of the outer electrons of atoms under the influence of EEFIT®.

Speed-up Electron Transfer

All chemical reactions are results of electron transfer or exchange. However, under random vibration, these outer electrons may not effectively reach the target atoms. They will fly off and the desired reaction may not be successful. Under the influence of
EEFIT®, the vibrations of outer electrons are aligned in a concerted manner. As a result the electron exchange is more efficient (Fig.2.7).

Fig.2.7: Electron Transfer in Chemical


Improve the Conductivity of Electricity

Electric energy pushes the movement of free electrons from one atom to another inside the metal lattice, creating an electric current (Fig.2.8).
However, free electrons vibrate randomly and are easily excited by electric energy. They will fly off from the atom and the material surface, resulting in loss of energy (Fig.2.9). Fly off electrons result in energy loss in various forms including heat loss.

Fig.2.8: Free Electrons in Metal

Fig.2.9: Fly Off Electrons


When EEFIT® induces electrons, they will vibrate in alignment and decrease the possibility of collision caused by random vibration. The tendency for the electrons to fly off from the electron exchange pathways between atoms will also be decreased (Fig. 2.10). As a result, they move from one atom to the next in a more efficient manner.