The evolution of human civilization is closely related to the discovery, understanding, and applications of nature’s four forces:

Gravitational force;
Electromagnetic force;
Weak nuclear force; and
Strong nuclear force.

From the application of physics, we learn that electromagnetism (or force) is a special manifestation of materials in its own way. Everything that happens around you, other than gravity, and all parts of the world that can be immediately experienced are electromagnetism at work.

When two atoms form a molecule, or when the molecule clusters move around and create a chemical reaction, they are effects of electromagnetism. Literally, everything around us is a manifestation of electromagnetism.

Just like how we live in a world full of air that we can’t see, we also live in a world full of electromagnetic waves that we can’t see. Your eyes can only see the “visible light” spectrum of electromagnetic waves, and most of the light waves lay within the invisible light spectrums. The waves that we refer here are actually electromagnetic energy. We can’t feel this energy in our everyday lives because it is usually very weak. In reality, these waves exist everywhere. As if some amazing transparent substances, they fill up the space around us and affect our everyday lives.

I would like to tell you a story:
“The particles in the air can transmit music so they should be able to transmit electromagnetic waves, that’s electromagnetic induction!” said Michael Faraday, a great experimental physicist in 1828. At that time, he had just got the inspiration that drove him to study electromagnetic induction. Three years later, on the 23rd of September 1831, he announced to the public, “From now on, through electromagnetic induction by rotating a piece of magnet in a coil of copper wire, we will be able to generate an endless supply of electricity.”

On the 23rd of September 1931, the Centenary Anniversary of Electrical and Mechanical Industry was held in London. During the celebration, a notable scientist spoke on stage, “I believe the contribution made by Faraday to the universe has no limit. His ideas about electromagnetic fields will continue to be explored by many generations to come.”

The person who delivered this speech had great respect for Faraday, and he was Albert Einstein.
(The excerpt was taken from the book, “Faraday’s Story”, written by Professor Zhang Wenliang of the National Taiwan University and published by National Taiwan University Publishing)

In today’s world, we have smartphones and the Internet, extra efficient engines and electric cars, and other more and more advanced medical technology… However, do we have a better alternative to further enhance the efficiency of all devices and equipment that we have?

Today, we need the implementation of an idea. What I want to tell you is that there are actually shortcuts to improving the performance of many things around us, and they are not as complicated as we thought. After all, nature is generous!

“Enjoying efficiency in life doesn’t mean we need to keep creating brand new products. All we have to do is modify what we have already had, and we can create brand new functions.”
– Richard Feynman
(From “No Ordinary Genius: The Illustrated Richard Feynman” by Christopher Sykes)

I particularly like to quote the above statement given by Richard Feynman, an American Nobel Laureate in Physics because it illustrates the effectiveness of EEFIT® very appropriately.

Thank you!

Wang Nan