Unimpeded Induction

Using the frequency vibrations of a specific wavelength can be induced into the target products. There is no need to add any minerals or powders, etc. that carry this specific vibration frequency.

Precise Modulation

Using the ascertained induction variables, the functionality, stability, and accuracy of products can be modulated according to the specific requirements of different products. Different values of photons can be induced into the products to achieve the best possible effect.

Safety and Reliability

Stability, Safety and Efficiency are our priority when we induce photons into the products. All our product samples have passed the third-party radiation safety test as well as emissivity test.


Unlimited Application Potential

Our induction technology can induce photons into an object (or product), thereby enhancing its performance. This mode of manufacturing is superior, and demonstrates great advantages over other methods used in producing energy products, both in the design and production processes, and particularly in large-scale industrial applications.


Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint

By leveraging the quantum effects in the design of our equipment, as well as the setting of our induction processes, we are able to manufacture large quantities of products efficiently, and minimize the demand on human resource and power consumption at the same time.

Advantages of our products processed by EEFIT® over other conventional energy products

Characteristic Conventional energy technology EEFIT®
Free from harmful radiation No Yes
Flexible product application No, must use energy powder, ceramic, or heated carbon fiber Yes
Flexible size No Yes
Direct induction of photons into materials No Yes
Strength of photon emissivity can be calibrated No Yes
Photon emissivity will not be affected with the use of a different batch of mineral source No Yes
High stability in strength of photon emissivity in products No Yes
High photon emissivity at room temperature Varies, some products require 50°c to emit enough photons Yes
Environmentally friendly No, ingredients will deplete natural resources Yes

EEFIT® Four Major Superiorities