EEFIT® has a great effect if applied to public recreational water facilities. Water molecules exist in clusters, and the smaller the cluster, the more efficient the water is as a medium for biological and chemical interactions. EEFIT® helps to break down these clusters by breaking the hydrogen bond between water molecules, and thereby increasing the efficiency for reactions. This can be beneficial in water purification systems since water induced by EEFIT® has these broken-down clusters of water molecules, which increase the surface area and help decrease algae growth. This can result in lower costs in maintenance and cleaning, as the sanitization of water purification systems will only need to be done monthly, instead of weekly. These effects of EEFIT® will be useful in swimming pools, fish tanks, public ponds, and chemical plant sewage systems.

Without EEFIT®

Larger Water Molecules Clusters



Smaller Water Molecules Clusters

EEFIT® and the Quality of Bottled Water

An external source (e.g. the EEFIT®  Quantum Emission System) transmitting energy into water to induce a specific amplitude of vibration that creates the desired resonance frequency. When applied to drinking water, EEFIT® technology firstly emits FIR energy to the mass of water which begins to vibrate, then clusters of water molecules oscillate and finally break apart.

Water that vibrates in a higher amplitude has larger and more complex molecule clusters. Conversely, water that vibrates in a lower amplitude has simpler and smaller molecule clusters. Drinking water with low frequency offers the following benefits to the body:

  1. Metabolism will be boosted as smaller cluster sizes allow many more water molecules to penetrate into cells.
  2. New cell growth and the elimination of old cells will be stimulated by the steady and mild FIR energy.
  3. The oxygen level of the water will be stabilized.
  4. The fluid structure of cells will be continually hydrated by the greater absorption of small water-molecule clusters. Large clusters of molecules cannot easily be absorbed to hydrate cells.

An ideal water vibration frequency – not too low or too high — promotes the best cell health. If the frequency is too low, the vibration is not able to induce a resonance frequency in the body, and the above-mentioned benefits will not be enjoyed. If the frequency of the water is too high, the body’s cells will become fatigued and age quickly. The frequency of the water should be close to that of the cells. Since water is essential for survival, it is crucial to drink the kind of water that promotes the best health.