Nick Wang Technology Limited is a leading engine efficiency enhancement device developer and manufacturer by using photons that cause fuel molecule clusters to increase vibrations and break down into smaller clusters, thus greatly increasing their surface area. This notably enhances combustion efficiency by increasing the potential for chemical reaction which results in cleaner combustion and increased fuel saving. In contrast, conventional saving devices have to be attached to the fuel pipe or even placed directly in the fuel tank. Circumventing these problems, we have combined our knowledge on photons effects in electricity which creates a quantum field state in vehicles, thus coming up with a more convenient solution.

Improve Combustion Efficiency

Using our technology EEFIT®, energy can be induced into the engine through electronic transmission inside the vehicle. The energy will cause fuel molecules to increase vibration and break down into smaller clusters. Fuel molecules in smaller clusters will expose a larger surface area for chemical reaction, thus optimizing the atomization in fuel. The fuel explosion inside the engine will become much stronger, achieving an effect which is close to “complete combustion”. The advantages of having “complete combustion” will result in better engine performance and fuel saving; thereby enabling the engine to unleash its potential to the full.

Without EEFIT®




Improve Conductivity

The high voltage current created during the spark plug ignition generates instable electromagnetic waves, which can cause interference to the metal atoms of the car. It affects the movement of electrons and the ability of electric current to transmit signals, thereby affecting the performance of the car. By using  EEFIT®, the interrupted electromagnetic waves will be optimized, the electrons will be aligned and electronic transmission capabilities of the vehicle will improve, the loss of electronic signals in the transmission process will be minimized, and thus improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

Without EEFIT®

Electrons Vibrate at Random


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Electrons Vibrate in Alignment

Improve chassis, enhance stability of vehicle and ensure better grip

EEFIT® can regulate the interrupted operation of the disordered molecules and sonic interference so that they will vibrate in alignment. It enables the vehicle to resume a stable motion much faster when the mechanical system is defined. It also reduces the amplitude of mechanical resonance of a running engine as well as the sonic radiation produced by the metal vibration of a vehicle in motion. As a result, you will experience an enhanced stability and noise reduction inside the vehicle; and your ride will also become much safer and more comfortable.

EEFIT with Vehicle:Improve chassis