EEFIT® has a significant impact on the burning of coal. Developed by Nick Wang Technology Limited, the machine carrying EEFIT® can be easily installed on the conveyor system before the coal is crushed and burned for energy. This machine can increase the coal burning efficiency by increasing the heat output. Independent third party testing by the SGS-CTSC, Standard Technical Services Company Limited, and Hong Kong Productivity Council has been conducted, and the results showed that the coal heat output was increased by 4.7%, with EEFIT® induced coal that could reach an emissivity level of up to 88%. The tests also showed that normal coal only produced a heat content of 5859 Kcal/Kg while EEFIT® induced coal could generate 6136 Kcal/Kg.

EEFIT® plays a significant role in changing the water content of coal. When water is induced by EEFIT®, the water molecule clusters are broken down from the larger ones to become smaller clusters, and they will vaporize easily when is being burnt, thus less energy is used to vaporize water. As a result, more heat will be released from burning the same amount of coal.