Three fundamental functions of EEFIT®to humans

1) Energize Human Body Molecules

EEFIT®resonates with water (Fig. 4.1), proteins (Fig. 4.2), fat (Fig.4.3) and other molecules, leading to the strengthening of internal energy in these molecules, and breaking down larger molecule clusters into smaller clusters. As a result, the surface area of interacting molecules increases, thus improving the efficiency of all bio-chemical activities on the cellular level, and strengthening the cells’ metabolic activities.

Three Fundamental Functions of EEFIT® to human

Fig. 4.1 – Water Molecule

Fig. 4.2 – Protein Molecule

Fig. 4.3 – Fat Molecule

2) Accelerate Blood Circulation

EEFIT®can penetrate deeply into the hypodermis due to its absorptive resonance with human cells. Subsequently, the warming effect expands blood capillaries and enhances the blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Water molecules in smaller clusters can travel in between cells freely, and the increased vibration causes heat generation because of the resonance effect. The hypodermis’ temperature will then increase slightly, thereby accelerating the blood circulation and expanding blood capillaries. The cardiac pressure is relieved through the increasing expansion of blood capillaries, which are responsible for supplying oxygen using red blood cells, as well as excreting wastes, produced through metabolism, out of the body.

3) Enhance metabolism and immunity

Once micro-circulation improves, wastes produced by metabolism can be effectively excreted out of the body, alleviating burdens on the liver and kidneys. These wastes include cancer-triggering heavy metals, lactic acid, free fatty acid, subcutaneous fat which cause exhaustion and aging, and uranyl ions which leads to high blood pressure, as well as uric acid which causes pain. Systemic detoxification is therefore significantly improved.

When the overall metabolism of the body is improved, cell functions are strengthened. EEFIT® can also activate histocytes, which are an important part of the immune system. Their main function is to remove or assist to remove pathogens, i.e. bacteria, dead cells, and unwanted minerals from the body, and work with T-cells to identify harmful substances. As a result the immune system will be enhanced as a whole.