Skin Cell Regeneration

EEFIT® can improve the micro-circulation of the skin. When the micro-circulation is improved, the skin’s metabolism is strengthened, and cell regeneration is enhanced. Unlike most chemical products and surgical methods, EEFIT® beauty solutions do not have any harmful side-effects on the skin. All improvements are due to the natural regeneration and recovery of the skin cells. As a result, wrinkles will be reduced, the elasticity of the skin will be enhanced, and the overall tightening of the skin is ensured. As healthy cells can be renewed at a faster pace, we also find promising results in scar removal.

Detoxification and Self Cleaning

Improved micro-circulation can also help to effectively excrete toxic substances from the skin and clean pores clogged by cosmetics and pollution. With better micro-circulation, the self-cleaning ability of the skin is significantly enhanced and inflammation caused by pimples can be rapidly relieved. Furthermore, EEFIT® can also swiftly alleviate skin water retention problems. Together with the skin regeneration properties, the overall lifting effect on the face is clearly visible.

Improve Skin Hydration

Water treated by EEFIT® has proved to have a super hydrating effect on the body which can loosen dry outer skin, thereby healing acne and scars without pain. Water with EEFIT® can penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. It has also demonstrated the effect to shrink the sebaceous glands, thus decreasing excessive skin oil. When body hydration levels are improved, the skin’s oil will naturally decrease; healthier skin will be ensured.