Mr. Nick Wang is the Chairman of Nick Wang Technology Limited. He is also the inventor of the patented technology, EEFIT® . In 2011, Mr. Wang successfully developed the proprietary ‘Efficiency Enhancement Field Induction Technology’ – EEFIT® . This quantum induction technology can be used to generate a quantum entanglement field in various types of objects and materials. Our manufacturing system and procedures can induce photon energy of different modulated levels and bring about an effect which is permanent in nature. EEFIT® is therefore a unique technology which can be used to enhance and improve the performance and efficiency of all appliances and devices that we use.

Prior to his establishment of Nick Wang Technology Limited, Nick spent over 20 years in the music profession in Hong Kong, including teaching roles at the Keyboard Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Mr. Wang Nan is passionate about composing. He has written nearly 50 choral music for performance in church.

In 2008, Nick began to focus on research and development in the application of physical energy. He was then inspired to do in-depth research and study of the electromagnetic field, transmission of light, quantum entanglement and quantum decoherence.

While working on the development and application of EEFIT® , Nick combined the basic theories of quantum physics, discovered many different quantum behaviors of electromagnetic energy and used these unique characteristics in his products. For example, in the process of induction polarization, Nick discovered that different materials and products have different “Random Effect Zones” and “Optimal Value Zones”. Based on these findings, he worked out the “Random Effect Numeral Zones” and “Optimal Value Numeral Zones” which form the basis of the adjustable induction levels of EEFIT® . Nick also found out that there are “permanent” and “non-permanent” quantum fields in nature. He then set out statistics and classifications to show the characteristics and effects of quantum fields on materials, and used EEFIT® to demonstrate applications of this technology to enhance the characteristics and effects of these quantum fields on materials.

In addition to inspiring new research topics in the academic physics community, these discoveries have offered EEFIT® great advantages in its development and manufacture of energy products, which push the boundaries of the industry into new territories.

Since 2013, Nick has established ‘Nick Wang Technology Limited’ and its subsidiaries, ‘Nick Wang Beauty & Health Tech Limited’, ‘N Tech Motor Limited’, and ‘Jin Nan Technology (ShenZhen) Limited’. Through the application of EEFIT® , Nick has been leading his team to develop new products. A series of energy products have been successfully launched over the past three years. These products encompass various fields including mineral water quality improvement, fuel conservation, enhancing the performance of the car, energy saving in industrial machinery, health care, and medical relief, etc. His companies’ products provide the market with some innovative alternatives which are diverse and of high quality.

In recognition of Nick’s discovery of the physical technology EEFIT® and the contributions of his products to society, he was invited to join the faculty of the Shenyang University of Technology as a professor in October 2014.

In October 2017, Convenor of EEFIT Biomedicine Research Project in Collaboration with the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China, MUST.