Company Background
Established in 2013, Nick Wang Technology Limited is a corporation comprising a group of core businesses which include know-how development, product development, product production and product sales. Through collaboration with a team of strategic partners including our first class designers and manufacturers, we are able to uphold the highest standards required by customers and needs of the market in terms of originality, quality, and production scale of products. Making use our unique technology, we are committed to developing innovative and exquisite energy products which will soon be widely used across the globe.

There are three subsidiary companies under Nick Wang Technology Limited.
They are:

Nick Wang Beauty & Health Tech Limited manages the sales of our branded health products. This subsidiary company is responsible for the wholesale and online retail business of our products.

N Tech Motor Limited oversees the sales of our branded products used on vehicles. Our motor devices can effectively enhance the performance of vehicles and reduce their fuel consumption. This subsidiary company manages the wholesale and online retail business of our vehicles performance enhancement products.

Jin Nan Technology (Shenzhen) Limited is the subsidiary company that we set up to managing our business in the Mainland China. The scope of work of this company includes technical cooperation, as well as the wholesale and retail business of our branded products.

Just over the past few years, Nick Wang Technology has successfully launched several high-quality products which are widely acclaimed in the market. Our mission is to develop unique energy products which can help improve the quality of life of people, and to enhance the efficiency of all readily available appliances.

Company Philosophy
Nick Wang Technology was founded with the specific purpose of exploring and expanding the potential benefits and uses of EEFIT® technology, as well as to become the marketing and development vehicle for applications and products using the Technology.

— The application of EEFIT® to human health is mainly about solving the sub-health problems which are common and widespread around us today. We are working hard to create a healthy and happy world for future generations.

— Because EEFIT® can induce vibration frequencies harmlessly into existing consumer products, such as food and appliances, the range of applications is exceptionally wide. This is the reason that Nick Wang Technology Limited wishes to share our technology with other enterprises to maximize the benefits which can be derived from it by consumers and producers alike.

— Another outstanding benefit of EEFIT® is its ability to assist with improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The ultimate goal of cutting fuel use is not just to cut costs, but also to create a better global environment.

Our innovation is continuously breaking ground through our experimenting, as to provide the optimum results that we could provide to each application. It is believed that there are still many further applications which can be developed from EEFIT® Technology for a wide variety of media and to increase the efficiency of many other products.

“With Mutual Trust, We Skyrocket Together!” The mission of Nick Wang Technology is very explicit. Through joint partnerships in expertise sharing and research & development, we aspire to cooperate with other companies in manufacturing more and more cost effective products. We aim to open up a whole new dimension where new quality standards of life can be established.